discounted price:
55 lei/hour 85 lei/hour 140 lei/hour
It's available only for small teams booking one single room on the same day for their project. It's a discounted price, please don't try to exceed the allowed people limits.
Max People
in total entering the premises
7 10 12
normal price:

75 lei/hour
110 lei/hour
195 lei/hour
Max People
in total entering the premises
10 person
14 person
15 person
Cleaning: included included included
Electricity: included included included
Dimensions: approx. 42 m² approx. 56 m² approx. 82 m²
Equipment included: 3x - Elinchrom 400 Watt monoblocks 3x - Elinchrom 400 Watt monoblocks 4x - Elinchrom 1000 Watt monoblocks
Looks: black floor, one black wall, white walls grey walls, ceiling and floor, industrial features white walls and floor, black ceiling, vintage corner
Windows and blinds: 3 large windows, white diffusion blinds 1 window, black out blinds 4 windows, black out blinds

Price: 225 lei/hour 324 lei/hour
Max People 30 65
Cleaning: included included
Electricity: included included
+ Make up/storage room included
Equipment included: 4x - Elinchrom 1000 Watt monoblocks
3x - Elinchrom 400 Watt monoblocks
4x - Elinchrom 1000 Watt monoblocks
6x - Elinchrom 400 Watt monoblocks

Make up room/Extra Storage 190 lei per day (hourly rental not available)
Two extra make up stations for bigger projects.
Out of your booking hours it only functions as a storage.
Or 8 m² extra strorage space if you want to bring something earlier or leave it longer.
Background paper: 50 lei (+TVA) per meter
250 lei (+TVA) per roll
We encourage you to bring your own. We can only use it once, but you can reuse yours.
Think of the nature!
Clothing racks and hangers Racks 40 lei (+TVA) One is included in every room.
In case of any damage the cost of a rack is 300 lei+VAT.
Hangers 10 lei+TVA (+TVA) per set of 25 pcs
In case any missing you need to pay the damage (1 lei+VAT per piece).

Automatically applies to the hourly rent when consecutive hours are booked.
Every other discount applies on top of this. Overtime is charged on the price the booking was made.
from 6 hours 10%
from 12 hours 25%
Prep day: -50%
Only available for full day bookings (min. 12 hours). It should be full day too, or last until 11 pm at least. Our extra make-up/storage room can be a great alternative if you just want to drop some props here the day before.
Contact us for details.
Editorial projects can benefit from 20-35% extra discounts from the rental fee, depending on the scale. In return we requre credits in the magazine and Instagram/Facebook post's on the magazine's official page. Contact us for details.

  • Overtime cannot be guaranteed. Book as much time as you might need.

  • The booking is in hourly cycle, so if you extend even with 10 minutes, we will charge the whole hour.

  • Arrive on time, we cannot compensate for your delay.

  • Don't arrive too early neither. We are open on demand, so we might not be here before your booking.

  • The person limit for Small Crew booking is strict, and valid for all the premises. If you have even 1 more person here for more than a 5 minutes, prepare to pay for Large Crew.

  • Schedule a location scout, if you want to see the space in advance. If we have another booking it's not possible to show you around.

  • In case you need extra hours, background paper, or anything else that you rent from us, please be prepared to pay on the spot. We accept cards and cash also.

  • Please don’t expect refund within 72 hours of your booking.

We don't charge TVA for the rent, only for other services and items. The TVA is 19%.



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