White Room

It's 12x7.5 meters space with white walls, white parquet and 4.5 high black ceiling, in total about 82 m² large. It has 4 large industrial windows that are facing south east, but if sun is a problem for you, they all have black-out blinds. There is a vintage corner with a wooden floor boards. There is a make-up corner, background paper support system (2.72 meters wide), air-conditioning and a 60 W speaker with aux and bluetooth. 

The space is ideal for shooting portraits or fashion with natural or artificial light. It has 380 Volt also, that can be used for video.


LIGHTS included

4x - Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 1000 Watt monoblocks with Skyport Speed transmitter

More details about the equipment >>>


Shared Features

Kitchenette with espresso machine, micro and fridge. Shower, ironing board and machine, and a growing prop collection.