Move into The Brewery!

With our prepay subscription packages you have several benefits. You can leave some stuff here. Even your toothbrush.

These packages are aimed for clients who needs regular photo shootings. It's coming in a form of Gift Certificate, that has a balance, and all the credits can be used to pay for your upcoming bookings. 

Starter Advanced Brewmaster
Price with TVA: 1200 lei 2400 lei 4500 lei
Benefits: + extra credit + storage for one
roll of background
+ extra credit
+ your own locker
+ storage for two
roll of background
+ extra credit
Extra Credit: +200 lei +450 lei +1000 lei
Validity: 90 days 180 days 365 days

On the pictures is the talented Simona Naciadis, our first tenant. You can follow her work @simonaciadis on Instagram. Make up: Ioana Oprea Studio

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It can be only used for photography and small video projects that are less than 12 persons. They are not valid for any other type of projects, like events, workshops or classes. To use them for only one booking is not allowed, any of these packages should be used at least for two separate bookings, that are at least 7 days apart. And they cannot be used for bookings for more than 75% of their total value. The extra credit will be added to your certificate in maximum 72 hours after the booking. The value of the package includes VAT.

We are using Braintree Gateway (A PayPal Company) for charging credit cards. They are charging your card in RON. We've noticed that some Romanian Banks are adding some commission on top, because of this it's possible that your bank statement is slightly different then your invoice. The commissions we've heard about until now were between 0.2-0.4%. We are sorry for your inconvenience.