PhotoJam I.

Take your studio photography skills to the next level!
A weekend of seminars, workshops and good vibe.







The Brewery Rental Studios

Bucharest, Romania




20.01, Saturday 21.01, Sunday
9.30 – 11.30 The Sense of a Method, Part I.
seminar by Barna Nemethi
Brief History of Fashion Photography
seminar by Vlad Andrei
11.45 – 13:45 Estimating and Producing Your Photosession
seminar in English by Balinth
Tethered Workflow with Capture One
workshop in English by Balinth
13:45 – 14:30 Lunchbreak Lunchbreak
14:30 – 17:30 Creative Studio Lighting for Editorial and Commercial Fashion
workshop by Vlad Andrei
The Sense of a Method, Part II.
workshop by Barna Nemethi
18:00 – 19:30 Beer time
Round table open discussion with the participants
(Limited to full day and two days tickets)
Portfolio Review
One on one format review with the reviewer of your chioce. (Limited to full day and two days tickets. Limited seats at each reviewer.)


The Sense of a Method
- and how to give your eye a voice

By Barna Nemethi


Part I. – seminar

Part II. – workshop

A short guide on the creative process of photography.

A course in how to integrate style, intention, references and consistency into our already developing method of work. It is addressed to photographers at any level, from beginners to pros, who want to explore the creative and artistic side of photography, not just the technical one.

We will learn to judge more than just the execution, we will learn to start looking at style, intention, references, consistency and other more subtle values and indicators. This will be a workshop on how to integrate these new variables into our already developing method of work. We will talk and go through some theory and case studies of how to make some hard choices as a photographer. 

More about Barna Nemethi


The Past, the Present and the Future of Fashion Photography

Seminar by Vlad Andrei

Often misunderstood, omnipresent and constantly changing and probably fading.

Fashion photography is an one hundred year old art-form that is now a vital part of culture and communication.

Understand what are fashion photographers doing and what is their place in the ecosystem. Discuss if it is art or commerce and should it be street or studio. Discover if there something below the surface and the trends. Get ideas how to properly start as a fashion photographer.

More about Vlad Andrei



Creative Studio Lighting for Editorial and Commercial Fashion

Workshop by Vlad Andrei

A hands-on practical studio lighting workshop for fashion. Some of the basic techniques of a working fashion photographer. Introduction on how to start seeing and modifying light and how to tell your stories with it.

We will build and deconstruct simple and complex studio lighting. This workshop is intended to provide a strong foundation for the real world of fashion photography.

More about Vlad Andrei


Estimating and Producing your Photosession

Seminar by Balinth


Let's talk about money! It’s a mystery for most beginner photographers how to properly estimate their work and how to present it to their client. Upon approval of the costs the next difficulties are producing your own work.

Spending several years working both locally and internationally as an advertising photographer, Balinth will guide you through the budgeting and producing process based on some real life examples.

We will talk about copyrights and licencing, equipment rental fees, paying your crew members and booking locations.

The seminar is focused on shooting for business entities, not to private clients. And we will cover the difference on this too.

This seminar will be in English. 

More about Balinth

pegazus horse 05.jpg

Tethered Workflow
with Capture One.

Workshop by Balinth

When you are working for a client or it’s important to you to carefully check the details of your work, it is highly recommended to shoot tethered to a computer.

Capture One is the most advanced RAW converter on the market, and it’s especially useful for tethered shooting. We will learn all the foundation that you need for starting out with this technique that will help you create better images and impress your clients.

This workshop will be in English.

More about Balinth


Seminar: 150 lei
Workshop: 250 lei
One full day: 500 lei
Two full days: 900 lei
Early bird two days: 700 lei (only before New Years) When buying, use promo code: 

Limited seats are available. The prices are including TVA.

These workshops are aimed for photographers that are already aware of their camera settings, using exposure modes. We are not going to touch the very basics of photography and camera use. 



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