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More info about Cornel:

More info about Cornel:

In the spotlight! Actually… in the flashlight,
Cornel Lazia’s flashlight.  


Come and have your 15 minutes of fame forever immortalized in a fab portrait of you taken by the acclaimed photographer Cornel Lazia. This is your chance to get your picture taken by one of the most talented photographer of stars and fashion magazines.

That’s because Cornel Lazia started his career back in 1990 and since then he created editorials for Elle, Beaumonde, Tabu, Cosmopolitan and One magazine, and worked with bands like Suie Paparude, BUG Mafia or Omul cu Sobolani. 

Also, the photo shooting will be mixed with a photo sale of Cornel’s previous work.


Now, be sure you book one of the first five photo sessions and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the lucky winner of a free package upgrade. Here are the packages and the rates:

1. “One for the money” package - 150 lei

A 5-10 minutes shooting at one setting. One retouched image. 



A 10-15 minutes shooting, at 2 different settings. Two retouched image. 


3. “Three here we go, go, go!” package - 750 lei (Only LIMITED packages available)

A 15-20 minutes shooting, at 3 different settings. Three retouched image. One special edition fine-art photo by Cornel printed and signed.

Prices above are including TVA. In our booking system TVA is only calculated in the end of the booking.

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For any extra images you love, here are the rates:
75 lei for 1 retouched image
250 lei for 5 retouched images

Prints are available to order. 
Retouch includes a color grading, lights adjustments, dodge and burn and a basic skin retouch. We love you just as you are, so no shape modifications and deformations. The photographer keeps the right to chose the images. The images to retouch are selected together with the photographer and the client. The retouched images are 2000 pixel wide on the shorter side. The rest of the images can be received at 640 pixels wide on the longer side. All the full resolution images without retouch are available on request for an extra charge of 200 euro (this includes a surprise gift from us).