Studio Assistant



Studio Assistant




Full-time position.

Photography Assistant/Receptionist/Behind the Scenes Photographer/Barista (one position for all the chores). The ideal candidate wants to build a portfolio with studio photos, plus:

  • be on time, be organised, be tidy, be available

  • is a good team player

  • has good work ethic

  • is passionate about photography

  • is a gearhead

What you need to do:

  • arrive sharp, 30 minutes before the booking starts

  • wait for the clients, offer them coffee

  • mount background paper, and light modifiers on request

  • know the proper usage of every single item we have

  • accept the payment with the cashier and issue the invoice

  • clean the studio after the client leaves and do it properly

  • every second weekend you need to take charge of any upcoming booking

  • keep the studio and the storage organized, and help us make it even more organized


  • learn everything about studio photography

  • play with new toys every week

  • assist established fashion and advertising photographers

  • use the studio in free time, to take your craft to the next level (for personal projects)

  • meet important people from the industry (and make coffee for them)

This is a full time job with a more or less flexible, but fixed schedule. Only apply if you are ready to put in the work.


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