4x - Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 1000 Watt monoblocks with Skyport Speed transmitter
3 speed floor fan



3x - Elinchrom BRXi 500 Watt monoblocks with a Skyport Speed transmitter
3 speed floor fan


These items bellow are shared between our two studios. If you have a specific need, please let us know in time, so we can book it for you.

Light Modifiers

2x - 120x80 cm softbox with grid
2x - 35x140 cm stripbox with grid
2x - 60x60 cm softbox
1x - 120 cm octabox with grid
1x - 150 cm Hexa-Para deep softbox (Phottix)
1x - 70 cm white beauty dish with deflectors (Elinchrom)
1x - 70 cm silver beauty dish with grid and diffusion
1x - 40 cm silver beauty dish
1x - 40 cm Maxi Spot 26° reflector (Elinchrom)
1x - 180 cm silver reflective umbrella with diffusion (Westcott)
2x - 18 cm 60° reflector + Grid 30° (Elinchrom)
2x - barn-doors, filters and grid for 18 cm reflector
2x - 150 cm white reflective umbrella
2x - 83 cm silver umbrella (Elinchrom)
2x - 83 cm shoot through umbrella (Elinchrom)
2x - snoot with grid and color filters


Continuous lights

2x - 1000 W Kaiser Halogen


Besides these we have several different sizes light reflectors and flags, light stands, tripods, and other tools. Please ask if you have any specific needs.